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The Urban Vibe is our latest design inspired by the very passionate dancers of our community. It boasts different styling options to express your individual look, complimenting shorts to leggings to chinos. That, coupled with a blissful lightweight feel that still provides support around your ankles, the Vibes are a must have addition to your dance shoe collection.


The Vibe is equipped with a 1/2 shank sole for support and flexibility. A low 0.5 inch heel, a clean, microfiber upper, and a suede outsole for comfortable dancing in any dance! For the moment we have it in two colors, black and grey.



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Burgundy, Gray, Black, Beige, Navy, Purple, Red


33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44


Medium, Wide


  1. Andrea Jessen (verified owner)

    I LOVE these boots! They are SO incredibly comfortable! The “fit like a glove” and dance like a dream! The low/flat heel has been an amazing shift for me and the “grounding” I feel is perfect!

  2. Aurora de Jong (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough good things about the Urban Vibe boots! I have wide feet, and I search high and low for dance shoes that are wide in the toe box area. The Urban series is it! I especially like the Urban Vibes because they can be a short boot to wear with crops or leggings, but you can turn the fold up and wear them under jeans, too! They’re classy looking, COMFORTABLE, and have just the right amount of “slip and slide” to dance in confidently! Swayd cumstomer service is top-notch, also. They respond to questions right away, and more than once they’ve helped me locate the shoes I need in one of their warehouses and shipped them to me quickly. Love, Love, Love the Swayd company!

  3. Renae (verified owner)

    Super cute, light, and comfortable! Love them!

  4. ellen

    these are so comfortable. I see why so many folks at the studio love these.

  5. Adrienne Driggs

    I’ve always loved these boots. They’re casual but classy and comfortable for quick night of fun dancing. Fitment is close but not constricting and i feel like it flexes with me.

  6. Rachdancer81

    Way-hoo! These came today! I have had my eye on these for a LONG time. This was my hubby’s gift to me for my birthday! They fir perfectly and are SO comfortable! Can’t wait to dance in them!

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